5 Ways Which Help to Rank Faster on Google

Everyone is in busy in findinding visitors on there Website because this help them to grow there Website fast and also to earn more money. If you are busy in finding visitors or getting paid visitors then here are some ways which only you can perform without investment and can easily rank in Google.

5 Ways Which Help to Rank Faster on Google

5 Ways to Rank Faster on Google 

1. Made Internal Links :
This is the best self independent way to Rank you article in google.
When you write an article or when you have written 10 – 20 articles make sure that you gave your others articles links in between your posts. 
This help in getting the viewers attention and if its topic is related what he is searching for then surely he will view that Article. 
2. Directory Submission 
This is a type of backlinks where you submit your url, name, and description of your Website. This helps in getting more traffic if you do it everyday and also help to rank your website and increase your domain Authority.
If you want to do Directory Submission then click on the link given below : 
3. Contacts with Big Bloggers :
Make your Contacts with bigs blogger make friendship with them and ask them to advertise your article in there posts or give internal links to there article. 
This helps in Bringing huge traffic if his website is well Ranked in Goggle. 
Just Think if he has 1000 visitors per day may 100 visitors may come to your website and checked your posts. So, this helps in increasing the domain Authority and Rank your posts.
4. Make Quality Contents : 
When you are Writting an article first find out the Best Keywords which will help you to Rank in google then Have some study about the topic and the  Start Writing about it. Make sure that you should write an article more than 500 words. 
5 Ways Which Help to Rank Faster on Google
5. Submit Guest Post : 
Submit your post on another website, apply for a guest post on top websites, if your wesite is approved then you will get huge amount of traffic on your website you could not imagine. Because his website is already ranked in googel he has 1 lakh visitors per day you have a chance to get his 10% visitors every day on your websites. There are many conditions to submit a Guest Post you can apply for a guest post on your beloved Website.
5 Ways Which Help to Rank Faster on Google
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