13 Awesome Android Apps for Blogger helps to increase your Profit

Many Bloggers think they could only start Blogging through Computers. But, Blogging can be done through there Mobile Phones. I have come with some Android Apps for Bloggers which help them to Blog Smartly.

Recently, we have seen smartphones is very compatible for Using or for Travelling. So, we can take advantage of smatphones and make Blogging more Comfortable.

13 Android Apps for Bloggers

Here are 12 Android Apps for Bloggers which will make your Blogging Routine Easily. This Android apps will help you to control your work from your palm.

1. WordPress

Android Apps for Blogger

WordPress app will help you to publish your article easily. This also helps you to customize your theme as Mobile Friendly. These app will help to keep an eye on your readers from where are they coming from and there Reviews.

2. Blogger

Android Apps for Blogger

Blogger app helps you to save your post as draft and publish it whenever it complete. You can easily switch accounts in Blogger if you have more than one account. It also helps you to show your readers Analytics.

3. Google Analytics

Android Apps for Blogger

When you connect your website to google Anlytics you can easily see the Real Time Users on your website there key metrics and Reports. You can also compare the Dates Ranges and Many more.

4. Adsense

Android Apps for Blogger

Adsense helps you to monetize your Blog. Adsense app help you to see your every day earnings. It also helps to see CPC, CPM, Clicks, Pageviews and estimated Earnings.

5. Grammerly

Android Apps for Blogger

Grammerly helps you to write mistake words. It helps to correct your mistaken words. Grammerly app is used by many bloggers to correct there words in articles. It helps to correct you mistaken words even if you are writing a mail or facebook posts.

6. Google Docs

Android Apps for Blogger

Google Docs helps you to remember you ideas. Haven’t you feel you are sitting somewhere and you have got an idea about something or the Title of your Topic. But, when you sit for writing you just lost it. So, try to save it in your Google Docs or Notes.

7. Photo Editor

Android Apps for Blogger

Photo Editor helps you to edit your photos and make thumbnails for your blog post. It helps to edit your photos professionally like Pc in your Android Devices.


Android Apps for Blogger

Ifttt helps you to Boosts your Post on Social Media. It helps to automated post your Post on various social Media platform whenever you publish any post to your blog. I think this is the best and easiest Social auto Poster i have ever used.

9. Pages Manager

Android Apps for Blogger

Pages Manager Helps to Manage your Facebook Pages. It helps to easily post and Update to your Facebook Page. Best part is it also shows your  post engagements, Reaches and Likes.

10. Dictionary.com

Android Apps for Blogger

If you are a blogger and want to be the successful blogger then you should connect with your Readers. To connect with your Audience you should use perfect and meaningfull Words so your audience could get what are they searching for. Use Dictionary.com to find your perfect word.

11. Wunderlist

Android Apps for Blogger

Wunderlist helps to set your daily Routine. If you are a blogger then there are many work to complete on a particular day. To complete your work it helps to alert you to complete your work. You can set your Routine on wunderlist and start Working.

12. Lastpast

Android Apps for Blogger

Lastpast helps to manage your Passwords. You are handling many Social Accounts, Facebook Pages, Affiliates Account etc. So it helps to save your Passwords from being lost. You can change your any account password whenever needed.

13. Evernote

Android Apps for Blogger

Evernote Helps to save your ideas that comes to your mind when you are out and ideal. Evernote helpa to Save your ideas as writing Texts, Capture Pictures and sketch which helps to remember your idea whenever needed.


Hope you will make use of these 13 Android apps for Blogger given above and increase your revenue. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and also help them to increase there Blog Revenue.

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