Best 8 Easy and Genuine way to Earn Money Online

Earn Money Online

It is very important to earn money and fullfill our daily needs. Everyone wants to earn money today, even students wants to Earn Money Online. Here are more than 10 ways to Earn Money Online Easily.


Ways to Earn Money Online


1. Youtube

Youtube is one the best and easy source to earn money online. You have start your youtube channel, upload videos on which category your channel is like technical, beauty, roasting, gaming etc. Depends on which category you want to create your youtube channel.

Earn Money OnlineAfter creating you have to monetize your youtube channel with adsense and ads will be shown on your videos for which you will get paid.


2. Blogging

Blogging is another way in which you can Earn Money Online. Blogging gives you more money than youtube.Today, Blogging is increasing much faster because everyone is building there websites and starts working on it.

Earn Money Online

In Blogging you have select a particular Niche (Category) same as youtube on which topic you want to start your youtube channel. But here you have to create a website and start publishing posts. After getting approval from Google Adsense you will able to show ads on your website which will pay you.


3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is also one of the simple and easy network. It is similar to Blogging in blogging you monetize your website by adsense but here you can monetize with affiliate Products.

Earn Money Online

Affiliate Marketing means to advertise and sell products for which you will get some percent of commission. You have to signup in Amazon or Flipkart Affiliate Programme you will get a particular link if someone buys from that link you will get a commission. You can also advertise products on your website like adsense ads.

Note : it is not important to monetize your website with Affiliate Programme you can create a whole website on Affiliate Programme writing articles on Affiliate Products.

Sign Up Here : Amazon Affiliate                                                                 Flipkart Affiliate


4. Sell Photos Online

Earn Money Online

If you love photography then you can earn money easily. Click pictures and sell it on the internet many sites are there who buys and sells photographs. You can earn 500$ per picture if your photo is valuable.

Sign up  : Shutter Stock

5. Fiverr

Earn Money Online

Fiverr is a place where you will work for people. On Fiverr you will appoint to do peoples work for which you will get paid. You will get work request and you have to complete the work within the specified days. Works like making Backlinks, Building Websites and many other Business Marketing Works.

Sign Up : Fiverr

6. Domain Flipping

Earn Money Online

Domain Flipping menas to sell your domain for a great price If you bought domain for 100$ and after one year you want to sell it can give you minimum 1500$ but you have to see that DA/PA and Alexa Rank of rhe domain should be very good.The best site to sell domain for a high price is Flippa.

Sign Up : Flippa


7. Sell Website

Earn Money Online

If you want to sell your website then you can earn more than domain selling. To sell a website same you can go to Flippa and sell your website at a very high price.

Sign Up : Flippa


8. E-Book

If you are a professional in some category like Blogging, SEO, Food Recepies or any field. You can write your own E-Book and sell it a good Price. This is the easiest way to earn just work 2 – 3 hours making per E-Book and make it a Lifetime eaening source. You have to share your e-book on a platform Instamojo. Where you will find all kinds of E-Books.

Sign Up : Instamojo

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