How To Become a Successful Blogger

Today, Everyone is in the Race of Earning Money so Blogging is the Source which helps to earn much amount of money. Today, i will share my Experience with you that how you can become a successful Blogger. 

How To Become a Successful Blogger

Ways to Become a Successful Blogger 

Create your Website on wordpress buy a hosting and also buy a domain if you don’t want to invest money then make your blog on for free and start  Earning by your website.

After Earning money from your blog please buy a domain to secure your Website. It  is very  important if you are earning for long term.

Failure !!! If you have fail to grow your website and lose hope that it won’t help in earning money  then you are not fail to grow your website you will fail when you loses hope. 
You can go and search for famous blogger of india :  Amit Aggarwal ; Faisal Farooqui ; Harsh Aggarwal 

If you Want to grow fast on blog and want to earn more money then be regular to your posting make sure that you post everyday on your blog and be active on social media and be updated to your blog.

Problem of what to post on your blog :

In Our daily life, there are 100+ topics on which we discussed about or hear of it try to make an article from one the topic. It will help readers to interact with you and be waiting for your upcoming blogs. Try to put pictures in your blog because it help to bring an attention of the readers to your blog. The first picture on your blog is the template or thumbnail of your post.

Today, is a time of Technology, There are many news about Technology, Upcoming Games, Sports etc. About which people are not aware off. It is the time to rank your blog on Google by posting an article about it. it is a trending topics so generally visits will come on your blog and this helps in increasing your viewers and income.

Hope you enjoy the blog and surely get some courage to start a blog and start earning. Please be updated to my blog for upcoming uploads related to blogging.   

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