Is 2019 is Best Time to Start Blogging ? – Guide for Beginners

How to start blogging in 2019

Are you planning to start a blog in 2019 ? Here How you will know how to start your own blog.

I have started my blog in 2018 and seriously i don’t know about SEO and blogging. I have just published a post.

Slowly, i came to know about that we can earn lots of money from blogging, by ranking our blog. But, i don’t know how to Rank ? Then came to know about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which helps to rank your blog in Google.

How to start blogging in 2019

It is not that you have publish one post and your blog will rank in Googke. It takes time to let Google Know your Blog. Wait for at least 3 Months and then you can the increasing traffic analytics of your Blog.

What is Blogging

Blogging is what where you share your opinions and experiences about something in which you are specialised by writing articles.

We can say many of the people solve there problems by reading blogs post. Blogging is also a best part to Earn Money Online. It shows as a startup for many youngsters.

Blogging may help you to Earn more Money than as a  Youtuber.

How to Start a Blog

You can select you Blog on any type of Niche (Blog Topic). I would prefer you start your blog in a field in which you are specialised because this will help you to write articles on many topics without being interrupt. What to Write?

After creating a blog, this is every blogger problem that on which topic to publish articles. Because when we create a new blog you should be active for the first 3 Months and post articles daily.

Where to start a Blog

To start a blog you should have to choose one of the platform from where you can create your website and had a control over it.

Here are some hand picked best platform to start a blog :

Blogger :

Blogger is a free platform which is under Google. You can start your blog for free and choose a blogger theme to make your website professional. Here you did not go for Hosting.

Blogger provides you a subdomain ( which you can change in future by purchasing a domain from any other Companies. It also provides you a free SSL Certificate.

WordPress :

WordPress is the best platform to start your blog. I recommend you to start your blog in WordPress because you can easily rank in google.

To start a blog you have to purchase a domain and a Hosting from Hosting Company. WordPress provides you many plugins which helps to improve your blog and also your SEO Score.

Note : If you don’t have money or don’t want to invest money in blogging for beginners, You can start your blog on wordpress with Woedpress benefits but you will have a wordpress subdomain (

How to do SEO

To rank your blog in Google faster you have to start your blog in wordpress and have to do SEO of your Site.

In WordPress you can install a Plugin – Yoast SEO – which is best SEO plugin for WordPress. By installing Yoast SEO your 50% of SEO work is complete.

You have to submit your sitemap in Google Search Console. You have to index your website in Google to let Google know your website.

You can learn SEO Tips from these Blogs :

How to Monetize your Blog

To Earn Money from your blog, It is very important to monetize you blog. There are many ways in which you can monetize your blog. Here are some most high paying methods are listed below :

Adsense :

Adsense is the one of the best method used by many bloggers by which you can monetize your blog by showing ads on your website.

You have to sign up for Adsense and verify your website in adsense to show ads on your website. You will get paid by Number of clicks you will get on your ads. Minimum threshold to get a payout is $100.

Affiliate Marketing :

You can also monetize your blog by Affiliate Marketing. It means that you can advertise products on your website and if someone will buy that product from your Affiliate link you will get a commission.

Conclusion :

Hope you like an article and this article help you to solve your problems and are planning to start your blog in 2019 ?  Don’t forget to share this article with your friends !

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