How to write an Article : Step-by-Step Guide

How to write a article

If you are struggling for how to write an article, I have come with full guide which will help you to easily write your article.

If you are a blogger the common mistake each blogger find is what to write?  If you will not publish your content regularly you will find your rankings will slows down.

What is a Blog ?

A blog is a web page which is updated by an individual or small groups of people which provide written content to the users.

It helps users to figure out there problems with the help of search Results.

How to Create a Blog

If you also want to create your own blog and helps others you can freely create one. There are two platforms which help you to create your blog is WordPress or Blogger.

How to Write a Article

Blogger is a free platform where you can create your blog for free but wordpress is a paid platform. You have to buy a domain name and hosting to run your blog on wordpress.

How to write a Blog Post

To maintain your blog properly you have to update your blog regularly and publish at least one post in a week. It helps to improves your rankings and boosts your blog traffic.

As i have said before the problem is What to Write? How to write a article?

Follow the steps given below which will help you to write your Article.

1. Keyword Researching

The whole article of your blog is depend on your Keyword Researching. It will shows that your article will rank on google or not.

Find the keyword which has high Search Volume and Less Competition. The lesser the competition the more chances it will rank in google faster.

How to write an Article

There are many tools where you can do Keyword Researching but some of them are : ubersuggest, Google Adwords etc.

2. Write Compelling Headlines

Make sure that your headlines is fully Optimized for high CTR (Click Through Rate).

Create your headlines that looks attractive and user should click on your headline and go through your blog from search Results.

How to write an Article

There are some headline Analyzer tools which help to find out your amazing headlines for high CTR.

3. Write an Intro

Before start writing your blog post don’t just start with the blog topic. Start your blog with a small intro of 2-3 lines with using your selected keyword in it.

It helps in google Rankings and also in building user experience which let user rethink this is what they are searching for.

4. Use Heading and Subheading

If you are writing a blogpost make sure you make use of Heading and Subheadings. Break down your article in Headings and Subheading.

Making proper use of Heading and Subheading is one of the Ranking Factor.

5. Use Images

Use proper imgaes in your article let reader clearly understand what are you willing to explain.

In a study it is said that articles with images is more powerful and rank on Google faster than article without images.

6. Optimize your SEO

If you have written and publish your article but could not get much visitors it is worthless. You have to rank your article in google which will done with the help of SEO of your Article.

1.Add Proper Meta Title

How to write an Article

Make sure that your focused keyword is in your Title of your Article. Also optimized your title with high CTR for better Results.

2. Add Proper Meta Description

How to write an Article

Write your Meta Description in such a way that your focused keyword should be in use and reader should get clear view of what he is searching for or what will be in the article.

3. Add your Focused Keyword

If you are using WordPress add your focused keyword by installing Yoast SEO Plugin.

How to write an Article

For Blogger increase your keyword density which means your focused keyword should found several times in your article.

4. Add Image Alt Attribute

How to write an Article

Doing Images SEO helps to rank your images in google and leads traffic to your blog. Add your focused keyword in your images Alt Attribute section.

5. Add Featured Image

In Blogger your first image is your featured image but in wordpress you have to set your featured image manually. Make your featured image simple and attractive.

6. Write Short Paragraph

When you are writing your articles write short paragraphs not as long as you can. Your paragraph should must be at least 3-4 lines.

7. Do Internal Linking

Make sure you should do internal linking. Link your publish content in your articles it helps to boosts your google rankings and Domain Authority.

8. Do Outbound Linking

When you have use a brand name or a  blog name or any services make sure you link to them it also helps in Ranking Factor and increase your Page Authority.


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