What is Micro-Blogging | How to Research a Keyword | Earn 100$ in first Month

Do you think you can earn 100$ in the starting first month of blogging. How, that us by Micro Blogging. 

Micro Blogging is also a part of Blogging in which user shares Micro posts of a particular topic and its benifits. It helps to the reader to know more  about the topic he is searching for. 

What is Micro-Blogging | How to Research a Keyword | Earn 100$ in first Month

 What is Micro Blogging 

Micro blogging is a type of particular Niche which means you start a blogging only on particular topics. In which you tells about sub-divisions of that particular topics or its kinds. 
Its Importance or  advantage and disadvantages of that product or Thing. In Micro Blogging you could rank much faster than a website. Because there will be no competition. 
Yes, in Micro blogging there is no competition or  if there is competition that is no competition for a Micro Blogger. Because the whole website will be made on a particular topic which will helps to rank faster. 

How to Start Micro Blogging 

Micro Blogging is can be say two types depends on your Topic selection: 
  • Long Term  
  • Short Term  
Long Term : in long term Micro Blogging you have choose keywords like Flipkart / Amazon customer care, Mens samsung Smartwatches etc. 
Like which keywords will be there forever. Like Flipkart and Amazon is a huge e-commerce sites which should be there in future too. Samsung smartwatches etc. 
There is a huge demand for shoes and casual wears for men and women so it will also a great idea to start a Micro Blogging. You can share its features can give a opinion and Reviews. 

Short Term : in short term micro blogging you have to select a keyword like Reliance Jio, Who will win 2019 Elections of india or which topic is in trending or people is searching for. 

In this limited time you can earn a huge income more than long term micro blogging but, this income is only be once for 2-3 months or even less than.

How to Research a Keyword for Micro Blogging  

Researching a keyword in Micro Blogging is very important. Only the keyword can tell how much traffic you will generate or how much you will earn. 
There are many paid and free tools are there to research for a keyword but some free tools which i used is :
What is Micro-Blogging | How to Research a Keyword | Earn 100$ in first Month
Keywords Everywhere
These tools can help you to find such  high CPC  keywords with low Competition. Remember, in Micro Blogging work on long keywords with high Search Volume and CPC having low Competition.
What is Micro-Blogging | How to Research a Keyword | Earn 100$ in first Month

Search For a Keyword in ubersuggest check its search volume, SEO Difficulty and more related keywords ideas. Also check how much chances are there to rank on a particular keywords. 

How to Rank your Micro Niche 

After creating your Micro niche publishing your article and design your website don’t think that you will now sit back and relax and your article will start ranking automatically. Then Sorry Bro No ! 
Google will not automatically find your website. You, Have to tell google that you have created a new website on a particular topic. Then only google will came to know and shows your website with the other Searching Results.
What is Micro-Blogging | How to Research a Keyword | Earn 100$ in first Month
You have to submit a sitemap in Google. Go in Google Search Console  > Sign Up > Submit your website > then, go to Crawl > sitemaps > on the right upper side click on addtest Sitemap > enter : sitemap.xml > Now your website is submitted in Google. 
SEO :  SEO is the another best Method which also helps to rank more faster on google. You have create Good Quality Backlinks and share your articles on Social Media. Submit your Website in many Search Engines like Google, Bing etc.
Ask your Blogger Friends to gives you some Do Follow Backlinks which is the best way to drive there traffic to your Websites and also submit your website in Directories and apply for Guest Post.


Hope you like the Article What is Micro-Blogging and learn how to start micro-blogging. Don’t feel small to share this article with your friends or on social Profiles.

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