Best Profitable Niche that can change your Life

Best Profitable Niche that can change your Life

If you want to start your own website as your passion or earning source then it is a great oppurtunity to start with blogging. Blogging is the best platform where you can share your ideas, experience and known by the world from your passionate work.

Building website is easy but to bring it on top pages in google or on a high platform needs hard work. So, when you focus on a one particular path its easy to acheive that path. Keep focus on one particular way in a Staright line, did not understand till now i will make it easy for you…..

What is Niche ?

Niche Blogging means to start a website on particular topics. In Niche Blogging you will focus on a particular topic. There is maximum chance to Rank on Google fast just by doing SEO. As Compared to Competition which is very Low.

Best Profitable Niche that can change your Life

    Best Profitable Niche that can change your Life

You Should select your Niche Topic in which there is maximum number of search volume per month and low competition.You can choose you Niche by doing simple Keyword Researching from here :

  • Ubersuggest
  • Google Keyword Planner

How to Select your Niche Topic

As i have said above you should choose your Niche Topic in which there is maximum search volumes and low competition to Rank Faster. But, here are some Best Niche Topics for you :


1. Health Niche

Today if you analysis the keyword – Health – then you will figure out how much there is number of  searches per month. Today, peoples are finding out solutions how to Gain Weight or Lose Weight. So, starting a Niche on Keyword Health is one of the best Option.

  • Searches : 1 Million
  • Competition : Low
  • CPC : $2.15


2. Medical Niche

You can also start a Niche on Medical Care, Medicines and etc. Types of Diseases like Diabetes, Asthma etc.How to cure these Diseases. Many people are searching for these types of article.

  • Searches : 1 Million
  • Competition : Low
  • CPC : $1.60

3. Web Hosting

Start your own web hosting Company. Nowadays, Millions of blogs are creating day by day. As when you start a blog you need to buy a Domain and a Hosting. Everyone is searching for a hosting company which provides good service. Start with your own hosting company and generate huge income.

  • Searches : 1 – 2 Million
  • Competition : Medium
  • CPC – $20

4. Beauty Niche

To start a Niche on Beauty is also a great Choice because you will rank much faster than any other of the topic because the competition is mich lower than others.

  • Searches : 1 Million
  • Competition : Much Lower
  • CPC : $1.20


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