P.U.B.G. Mobile all Upcoming Updates (0.10 – 0.13) : Guns, Vehicles, Maps – Nothing To Hide

Pubg Upcoming Updates

Pubg is the most played game in the world and loved by everyone. As the number of users is increasing day by day shows how much people love playing P.U.B.G. Today i will share some Pubg Mobile Upcoming Updates.

Pubg Mobile is increasing game graphics and helps to get best experience while playing. So, Pubg has being some updates on Graphics, New Maps, Vehicles, Gun. We could see Autumn and Winter season in Pubg while playing to fell the better experience.

Upcoming Updates of Pubg Mobile

P.U.B.G. Mobile 0.10 Updates

Weather : Dyanamic – Rainy Weather

Weapons : Barrel M762 Assault Rifle                                                 Bullets Use : 7.62 mm

Vehicle : Scooter

Minor Updates : New Houses in Erangel Map                                            New Animations                                                                  Fixed Bugs and Gliches

Released on : Mid or End of December

Pubg Upcoming Updates


P.U.B.G. Mobile 0.11 Updates

Weather : Snow Area (Only a Particular area of map                      will covered by Snow)

Weapons : MK 47 – Mutant   (with Laser Sight)                                Bullets Use : 7.62 mm

Vehicle : Tukshai

Minor Updates : New Animations will be added                                          Bugs and Gliches will be fixed

Releasing On : Last January or Mid February

Pubg Upcoming Updates



P.U.B.G. Mobile 0.12 Updates

Expected To Release

Map : Snow Map

Weapons :  Skorpion                                                                               Bullets Use : 9mm

Vehicle :  Truck                                                                                     Snow Vehicle

Release Date :  Not Expected

Pubg Upcoming Updates

P.U.B.G. Mobile 0.13 Updates

Map : Training Mode (New Map will be added as Trainning mode where you have to face some obstacles and can improve your skills).

Mode : Zombie Mode in Arcade

Minor Updates : New Traps                                                                           New Houses and Trees                                                     Graphics Improvements

Release Date : Not Expected

Pubg Mobile Upcoming Zombies Update

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