5 Hidden Tips of SEO | Helps to Rank Much Faster on Google

There are many Tips and Tricks to do SEO and Rank your website on Google. But, there are many hidden Seo Factors Which helps to Rank More faster than before or it boosts your website with very high Percentage.

Many Beginners, those who start blogging could not acheive high position in blogging, Could not increase website Rank in google also improve Alexa Rank. The Domain Authority is Very Poor and PR value is much low that could not crawl by google crawlers and shown on the first page of google.

5 Hidden Tips of SEO | Helps to Rank Much Faster on Google

There are some Hidden Factors of Seo that would help to increase Alexa Rank and crawl by google crawlers on the first page which helps in bringing huge traffic to your Website.

5 Tricks to Rank Faster on Google


1. Submit on Yahoo and Dmoz 

Submit your Website on Yahoo and Dmoz. Now don’t think that you have submitted your website in google and it will help you to rank. As you have started your website try to rank on the small search engine first, and then  you will automatically strat ranking on Google. This is a smart Seo Trick which helps blogger to ranl Faster.
5 Hidden Tips of SEO | Helps to Rank Much Faster on Google


2. Submit Your url on .gov and .edu websites

Google like government and education website very much. Google crawl there website every minute and the links in there website are very good quality backlinks. Submit your url on high traffic website of government and educations, they have to approve your backlinks as your website is much better than government Website. 
You can Receive half of there traffic on your Website which helps to rank faster on google.

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3. Add your Website on Social Media

The best and easiest way to get traffic on your Website is by Social Media. Try to share your url on pinterest, Linkedin, Reddit, twitter and Facebook. Make your website page on Facebook and update it regularly, built a community on facebook because facebook can give you more traffic than compare to google.

5 Hidden Tips of SEO | Helps to Rank Much Faster on Google
If you have 20k followers on facebook page and you have update an article then there is minimum chance of visitors that you can get on your article is 1k per day.  Think how much visitors you can get in ons month.

4. Discuss on Quora

Quora is a platform where users ask questions and get there answers. It is a platform where users clear there doubts and queries. Here you can submit your url with the answers there is maximum chance that a viewers click on the link of your article. Everyday there is huge amount of traffic on quora. 
Here you can also submit your article url and can bring there attention to your websites. 
5 Hidden Tips of SEO | Helps to Rank Much Faster on Google

5. Make Quality Backlinks 

Backlinks is also one of the best way to bring visitors on your Website and also known by google. Backlinks is the way you just visit to any website and submit your url. Quality Backlinks is the backlink where you submit your url on the  related topic to your article, this makes a quality backlink because when a visitors is searching for his related topic he will came across to your website and it will click on your link and read your article but when he couldn’t find article relatef to his topic he will leave your page and return back.

5 Hidden Tips of SEO | Helps to Rank Much Faster on Google

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