Which One is Better Adsense/Media.net

Everyone is in a race to earn Money Online. Some working on youtube some are doing blogging and some are developing apps. But the great source of income where you can earn much more than youtube, app developing or any source; is by blogging, by creating your own website.

After working so many days or even a month on website when it is available for approval for Adsense or media.net you can place your ads on your particular website which will reward you as money. Which is the source of your income. While earning if you reached to a minimum payout  You can payout your income in your bank account or by any other way. Now

  Here is a question which one is better Adsense or Media.net.

Which One is Better Adsense/Media.net

        Adsense :

It is a platform where users can payout there earnings, advertise by Google. Millions of users use adsense from every part of the world. As it is authorised in every part of the world. Its work is to place ads on your site and advertise. There is specific requirement for an approval for a website : 
  1. You should be an owner of your site
  2. You should be at least 18 years old 
  3. Your sites should comply with adsense programme policies
Which One is Better Adsense/Media.net

Adsense gives you a CPC (Costs Per Click) as $0.1 to $1 sometimes even $2 to $3 as the situation may be. It works on RPM (Revenue per Thousand Impression) you can get $6 for 1000 views if CPM (Costs Per Click) is $1 and if 3 pages serves by a visits. You can payout your earnings from adsense at the end of every month easily in a bank account. 

      Media.net : 

It is same as adsense but is a website of bing users and yahoo.com. it is the second largest advertiser in the world after adsense. It also works same like adsense but it can maximize your revenue because it ads are from outside countries which gave very high CPC compare to india’s ads CPC. It has also some requirements to get an approval for a website: 

  1. You should have significant amount of your own content not directly copy other’s article.
  2. Your article should be in English 
  3. You should have minimum volume of visitors every day 
  4. You should receive 20% traffic from USA, Canada and UK
    Which One is Better Adsense/Media.net

    It also works with the format of google adsense. But it does not show live statistics it is in delay 24 hours. It will show your today statistics on next day. You can payout your income through paypal you have no other option to take your income to your bank Account. It will maximize your revenue as it provides foreign country ads which costs high CPC. 

    Hope you have fully understand the difference between Adsense and Media.net and now can came to a decisions which one you should choose. Please subscribe us by email and please share with your friends to let them also understand the difference between adsense and media.net. 

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